Saturday, March 1, 2008

The List

I have decided to create a list of things that have been determining factors in my 'falling' from the church (inspired by a family member who has done the same). A member reading this might say that I shouldn't have to make a list to convince and remind myself that the church is not true. But it is not like that...there are just so many thoughts a feelings in my head and I want to find them a home. And besides--don't mormons do the same thing once a month, when they get up and bear their testimonies? Well, consider this my "anti-testimony."

-Feelings in the Temple. Before I entered one, I felt very nervous and worried about going through. Turned out I had every right to be--since my first experience within its walls, I felt the spirit drain out of me.

-Temple and Masonic Rituals. Unless the Masons are also God's chosen people and deserved to receive sacred ordinances before they would be introduced into the church, I don't see why the church would lift some of those very rituals word for word. So they knew the way into heaven before the rest of us did?

-Joseph Smith's Lies. The fact that he had over 30 wives and tried to deny it would be a good example of this.

-Polygamy. Enough said. I think this is the main reason mormonism was started, and yet now we look at it as though it is evil and wrong.

-The law of chastity. Not bad in and of itself, but the rigorous enforcement of it is a little too much. Take masturbation for example. And are you really going to tell me that it's better to get married at 18 just so you can finally relieve your sexual tension instead of waiting until a more mature age?

-Tithing. If it were more voluntary, and not a set %, I might feel much better about it. But in order to be a 'card carrying' member of the church you must give 10% to the church, which will be used in ways you will never know.

-The ever-changing gospel. I could almost buy this one if the gospel didn't have such a habit of changing with the times to suit the "ways of the world," which it claims to be so ardently against. Blacks and the priesthood, changing garment lengths and temple ceremonies, and birth control policies are some stellar examples of this.

-Treatment of homosexuals and racism. Not cool. Denying blacks of the priesthood and the experiments on gays at BYU come readily to mind.

-The church is a money-making corporation. Money, money, money. The church can afford to buy so much property, buildings, and, like, a whole street in SLC...if the church were following the teachings of Christ, wouldn't this money go straight to help those less fortunate? And the fact the church actually owns Deseret Book steams me a little.

-Scare tactics. You are literally frightened into staying. Because, you know, if you stop paying your 10% and going to church and attending the temple and having hell with you.

(more later.)

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f said...

Nice list, fallingaway. I have all those same issues. No, let me rephrase. All those issues with the church bother me too.