Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday Report

Although we could certainly have used the excuse that we forgot about Daylight Saving Time (as did at least one couple who walked in thinking the closing song was the opening song), my husband and I went to sacrament meeting.

We sat near the back but in plain sight so the bishop could easily see us and give us "they're trying to be good people and come to church" points, even though we were going to leave before our names could be marked on any rolls. Better than nothing. We wanted to be seen but not talked to, and we sat in a place that allowed an easy escape as soon as the closing prayer ended.

The speakers were from the newly re-organized West Relief Society (yes, we have TWO of them in our ward...the ward is like 90% young married couples). They all spoke about the conference talk from Eyring, I believe. But for me, the highlight of the meeting was a personal story of one of these young ladies. She was talking about how her husband went on a mission when she was like 16 or 17. At this point, she mentioned that she had a very strong "revelation" that she had to marry this guy. At age 17, she KNEW she was getting married to him. All she had to do was convince him that he wanted to marry her, too, when he returned home. 17. Holy crap, ladies and gentlemen. She went on to say that later on, Satan caused her to have doubts about this. Doubts? That's called "common sense," girlfriend. It never ceased to bother me, even when I was strong in the church, that members were always so quick to say that Satan had caused them to do or think something, or was responsible for their sorrow, or whatever. Satan isn't just a scapegoat, you know.

We whispered many a sarcastic remark throughout the duration of the meeting, and were glad when the final "amen" resounded through the chapel. We made our getaway without a hitch and went off to have a lovely Sunday picnic while everyone else was in classes. Ah, that's the life.

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